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About Us

Serving Arizona for over 30 years

Malcolm's passion for honey started out with a borrowed honey warmer, a truck, and a few buckets of local honey!   That small operation grew slowly as partnerships and distributors began to get a taste of what pure, unaltered, local honey was all about.  

Over the past few decades Malcom's Honey Company has grown by sticking to a few basic rules; Provide only the best honey you can find, Be honest and fair with your customers, and treat your customers like family! 

It all started in 1982

It was 1979 and Malcolm Schmerl produced a couple drums of honey from the hives he had, but he couldn't sell it since all the other bee keepers had done equally well.

So Malcolm purchased a pickup truck load of glass jars in Phoenix... Drove back to Tucson and packaged the honey.  He then drove around town peddling it.  This went very well and soon he was getting calls for more honey.

As word spread, the demand started to grow and Malcolm began buying honey from other bee keepers to meet these requests.   

Soon larger grocery stores began to call, and in 1982... Malcolm's Honey Company was born.  


We have been supplying Arizona with the finest 100% pure honey from Sonoran Desert bee keepers for over 30 years.  Our honey is minimally processed and still packaged by hand, one jar at a time! 

We distribute to all of Arizona via many local and national distribution companies.  Contact us for a list of current vendors and retailers.